After camp / Before camp activities

On days when the Conservatory is not in session, there happen to be some amazing guitar camps and activities right in our area and a little further away:

1) This is from Alan Hirsh, guitarist/educator from from North Carolina: "I want to tell you about the upcoming Shearer Summer Institute in Zion. I ‘m wondering if you have any guitar students who might be interested in attending? It's an incredible experience--magnificent hiking and guitaring. Ricardo Cobo, myself and others will be teaching--I'll also be conducting the guitar orchestra. Cost is $800 which includes lodging at the Cable Mt. Lodge and all catered dinners. This is completely free for teachers who bring a guitar ensemble. If you know of other teachers or students in your area that might be interested, please pass this info to them. Look forward to hearing from you!" Here is the contact information: Dr. Alan Hirsh email:

2) Get involved with the Guitar Initiative whose mission is to bring more guitar programs into more schools in the Houston area! Please read the website: How would you like to get involved?

3) Get practicing! Learn those songs you have been meaning to learn. Learn as many new right and left hand techniques now while you are young. If you learn it now, you can use it for the rest of your life! Work with your private teacher to reach new goals. Find a performance opportunity and plan, prepare and perform like a champion of music! Let us know if you need any further ideas: